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Statement of purpose

Our primary specialty in our 12,500 book selection is in the medical categories which you can click on after clicking View Other Categories on our homepage. We also specialize in Psychology/Psychiatry (hundreds of titles here); all Paranormal, including Astrology, Occult, Reincarnation, parapsychology, etc. In truth, though, we have titles on just about everything.

We have an impressive collection of Ex-Library Bound Magazines, expecially in Architecture and Art.

We seek to satisfy your needs with regards to providing you a book that is:
A.) reasonably priced;
B.) in the condition described;and,
C.) shipped promptly.



The Medical Collection/Ex-Library Connotation

This picture above is a frontispiece from a book of the building of The Medical Society of the County of Kings, where Gordon Mestler got his load of books. The building no longer stands. Old Gordie would get a call from his friend in the library when they were tossing stuff out, and he would wheel his shopping cart up to the back door and fill it up, probably get a bent wheel on the way back sometimes, occasionally having two carts...industrious chap, that Gordon. Kicking it right out the door! He filled up two houses full. The library was closing and merging with State University Downstate Medical Center. The deacquisitions happened from 1968-1972, so there was plenty of time for him to get 50,000 items, but no time to sort through them all. That would be left for me to do 36 years later, 10 years after his death of books. I wish I had a 55mm for the Leica.

Our primary concentration of books for sale at this time resides in our 14 Medical files. Our listings here are extensive and we are refining the categories regularly. Some of our books are antiquated and many are rare. Many of our valuable Medical selections are Ex-Library. They were collected over a long period of time--about 50 years--by a single individual who was meticulous in his selection process. The vast majority are from one library, which was part of a medical college and connected to a hospital, in or around 1969/1971, when this library closed: The Medical Society of the County of Kings. Our hero was there every day that they disgorged themselves of these "out-of-date" tomes. He was what could be described as nothing less than a bibliophile par excellence: a speaker of several languages and himself an assistant professor in both anatomy and biology at Downstate. With few exceptions, he did not accept books into his collection that had markings in the text, and to do this most of his books of this type were acquired before 1971 and even then had been out of circulation for many years. They were deaccessed before people started making markings in library books, in other words. This is of course excluding the normal stamps and stickers of a medical library. They are in good condition unless otherwise noted. We seek to describe our antiquated with an exacting certitude, pictures are available upon request. Inquiries concerning all of our books are welcome, but those concerning this specific medical collection will be treated with special significance.


New Acquisitions

We are currently considering a rather large collection of Medical and Science books to augment are already respectable collection. Stay tuned

Pricing and Re-Pricing

 We are presently attempting to stimulate sales by pricing our books aggressively. All of this is done with a mind towards remaining in business as this is our sole source of income. We have applied for $100 bn bailout direct from the Federal Reserve, we are eagerly awaiting the response with fingers crossed.


Catalogs and Keyword Searching

Because we became submerged in new arrivals last October, there are about 3,000 books that are not entered into Catalogs. You may then wish to find some pertinent subjects through using the Keyword search.


Basic Advice When Purchasing

Please check your email regularly after ordering as there may be important communications regarding shipping or changes in your order. Although it may seem that the order is complete when you click submit, the book still needs to be pulled, the paperwork and postage printed and the package created.