Lewis Mail "Continuous Voyage" 20 qty. Blank Greetings Cards US$19.99
Continuous Voyage Blank Greeting Cards
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The cards are 7 X 5 inches. 20 separate photographs that are professionally printed on blank greeting cards. No envelopes. The photographer is Lewis Mail, a Scot who has lived and traveled the entire world. Presently he is in China, but these are shipping from New York City, New York, USA. Mr. Mail's sensitivity to the human condition speaks toward the knowledge and cargo of a continuous voyage. Selling exclusively through rogercoybooks, an established online book dealer. Pictures are taken by Lewis in his voyages to India, Egypt, Europe and the USA. We accept all credit cards and paypal, and checks. Canada and UK are 4.00 and 4.50, respectively, per 20 card bundle. For International shipping please contact us about rates and service.

1 from London
3 from New Orleans
6 from Israel
2 from Rome
8 from India
Quantity discounts are available We have over 8,000 of these cards in stock.



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AUTHOR: Lewis Mail Photo
TITLE: Lewis Mail Blank Greeting Cards Continuous Voyage