Rogercoybooks Newletter February 7, 2007

New Medical Pamphlets and Lewis Mail Cards


Medical pamphlet madness, hundreds and hundreds of them, here is the blurb:This is a Pamphlet, an offprint/reprint. Archive number on the upper left of the cover. Good condition overall. No marks. The year of publication noted is that of the publication year of the essay when it was origninally published in the journal or magazine. PAMPHLET, not a book.


Lewis Mail "Continuous Voyage" 20 qty. blank greetings cards US$19.99


Lewis is a friend of mine and he is a character, I assure you of that. Take a look at his site 
To view the picture cards on this site Click on the link entitled "Blank Greetings Cards $19.99" on this page to the left under "Navigation". These are striking photographs, blank inside so you can write whatever pleases your heart.
1 from London
3 from New Orleans
6 from Isreal
2 from Rome
8 from India
Quantity discounts are available Available only here from 
AUTHOR: Lewis Mail Photo
TITLE: Lewis Mail Folding Cards


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