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A Memorial: Samuel Conant Foster, M.D.

By: Austin Flint

Price: $9.21

Publisher: Austin Flint:

Seller ID: 35793

Condition: Good

14p. pamphlet; no back cover; pages are loose; no date; stamped Purple Collection; View more info

Osteomyelitis Hearings Before the Committee on World War Veterans' Legislation

By: Baer, William Stevenson, MD: testimony of

Price: $7.99

Publisher: Washington, GPO: 1930

Seller ID: 48069

Condition: Good

House of Representatives, 71st Congress. Pamphlet. Good overall. There is some wear to the extremities. Good internally.; Medical library plate inside cover and a few stamps. 24p. 1930 View more info

Tribute to the late James Marion Sims

By: BALDWIN, William O. [SIMS, J. Marion]

Price: $34.19

Publisher: Montgomery: W. D. Brown: 1884

Seller ID: 43844


Condition: Good

covers are about one-half off; sewn biding is holding nicely, though; pencil letter on cover: dup; Compliments of author; ex medical library stamp on title page, no other library indications; there is a crease to the middle that goes all the way through, longitudinally, as though someone these 130 years ago folded it and slipped it into his pocket; some wear and a small point to the back cover, but good overall with no marks; 31p.; THIS IS THE REAL THING, NOT A RE_PRINT View more info

In Commemoration of Francis Joseph Gall (1758-1828)

By: Bernard Hollander

Price: $14.21

Publisher: Ethnological Journal: 1928

Seller ID: 34762

Condition: Used: Good

A brief account of his life and achievements on the hundredth anniversary of his death; reprint/offprint; tipped in note of author's compliments. 16p. pamphlet; bookplate of William Browning, his signature on cover View more info

The Reality of HUMAN VIVISECTION A Review of a Letter by William F Keen

By: Brown, James M

Price: $8.00

Publisher: Boston, AMA offprint: 1901

Seller ID: 019473


Condition: Good

name on cover. Pamphlet. AMA offprint; 1901 View more info


By: Carr, Henry P., MD

Price: $8.99

Publisher: Hagerstown, MD, WF Prior Co., Inc: 1949

Seller ID: 50635

Condition: Good

pp. 79-106; Ex-Medical library, offprinted from Tice's Practice of Medicine Vol V; reprint, pp. 79-106, pamphlet has no markings; overall good condition. View more info

A General View of the Causes of Illness and Death at Specific Ages based on records 1928-1931

By: Collins, Selwyn D.

Price: $8.99

Publisher: Washington, GPO Government Printing Office:

Seller ID: 50637

Condition: Good

for 9,000 families in 18 states visited periodically for 12 months 1928-1931.; Reprint No, 1673 from the Public Health Reports. Ex-Medical library, which library closed its doors in 1972. De-accessed from 1968 to 1972, pamphlet has no markings; overall good condition. View more info

Etude sur le Cancer, La cause principale de l'accroissement constate depuis cinquante ans dans la

By: Dor, Louis-Paul

Price: $22.21

Publisher: Paris, Librairie Maloine: 1948

Seller ID: 43618

Condition: Good

La cause principale de l'accroissement constate depuis cinquante ans dans la mortalite par le cancer. Les remedies. Good overall; ex-medical library with limited markings as such. No marks in text. 63p. Text is in French; preserved in a pamphlet binder with stiff boards View more info

The history of spontaneous generation: A paper read before the Ann Arbor Scientific Association, March 4, 1876

By: Edward Swift Dunster

Price: $6.00

Publisher: Courier steam printing house: 1876

Seller ID: 54189

ISBN: B0008AV966

Condition: Used: Good

1876. 30p. Pamphlet; spots on bottom of front cover go through a few pgs., appear to be coffee from 1910 or so., an archive number on top left of cover, that is the only mark; Good overall, no marks View more info

The Clawed Girl of Lozendorf 1665

By: G. Kasten Tallmadge

Price: $19.27

Publisher: Offprint/Reprint Arquivo de Anatomia e Antropologia: 1942

Seller ID: 53489

Condition: Used: Good

This is an Offprint/Reprint from Arquivo de Anatomia e Antropologia, 1943-43; Covers have mild wear and chips; Interior is good, no marks; pp. 261-272; 4 oz View more info

Tratamiento Medico de la Paralisis Infantil

By: Giacobini, Genaro

Price: $11.19

Publisher: Buenos Aires, Jose Tragant: 1916

Seller ID: 25485

Condition: Used: Good

SIGNED AND INSCRIBED BY AUTHOR. edge wear, the paper booklet is creased in half, Pamphlet View more info

Lithotripsy; or the Breaking of Stone in the Bladder


Price: $18.43

Publisher: John F. Birch: 1843

Seller ID: 24786


Condition: Used: Good

paper booklet, inscribed by the Author, writing on the paper cover, a few moisture marks but nothing detrimental; Price reflects the current depression and its devaluation View more info

Die Exarticulation im Kniee im Gegensatz Zur Amputation des Oberschenkels

By: Henninger, Jacob

Price: $12.27

Publisher: Wurzberg, Druck von Carl Joseph Becker: 1860

Seller ID: 54062


Condition: Good

paper booklet, edge wear, name and library stamp on cover, else no marks. Pamphlet View more info

Die Salicylsaure und ihre Anwendung in der Medicin der Technik und im Hause

By: Heyden, Friedrich von

Price: $14.21

Publisher: Leipzig, J. A. Barth: 1878

Seller ID: 54059

Condition: Good

paper booklet, edge wear, stamp on cover, clean insides; Pamphlet; 1878 View more info


By: Hunt, Edward Livingston

Price: $8.99

Publisher: New York, From New York State Journal of Medicine: 1925

Seller ID: 54147

ISBN: B01FL23K80

Condition: Used: Good

Offprint/Reprint. Pamphlet. From meeting Medical Society of state of NY; archive number at top left of cover, otherwise crisp and clean, appears unread View more info

The Quantitative Phases of human geography

By: Huntington, Ellsworth

Price: $8.99

Publisher: From the Scientific Monthly: 1927

Seller ID: 54148


Condition: Used: Good

7 p. This is a 1927 Pamphlet, an offprint. Archive number on the upper left of the cover. Good to VG condition overall. No marks. The year of publication noted is that of the publication year of the essay when it was origninally published. From the Scientific Monthly; 5 oz View more info

A Study of Normal and Pathologic Cerebrospinal Fluids in Children

By: Johnston, Meredith R., M.D.

Price: $16.21

Publisher: Chicago, American Medical Assoc: 1916

Seller ID: 34519

Condition: Good

Offprint/reprint; stamp on cover, no marks inside; Good overall, no marks View more info

The Neurotic Origin of Disease and The Action of Remedies on the Nervous System

By: Lente, Frederick D

Price: $42.19

Publisher: NY, McDivitt, Campbell & Co.: 1875

Seller ID: 43702

Condition: Good

cover is loose, chipped and brittle; text is good; ex-medical library with limited markings as such. No marks in text. Includes errata note tipped in on back page View more info

Address Delivered at the Commencement of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, March 1st, 1876

By: Lyons, Frederick A.

Price: $28.19

Publisher: New York, L. & S. Lyons, Book and Job Printers: 1876

Seller ID: 48075

Condition: Good

Medical Department of Columbia College, New York, Held at Steinway Hall on Wednesday Evening, March 1st, 1876; there is a faint stain at the upper corner tip, does not stick; 18p.; good plus overall; covers attached and no chips; View more info

Six cases of lumbar colotomy

By: Mason, Erskine

Price: $12.21

Publisher: offprint Amer. Journal of Medical Sciences: 1873

Seller ID: 34766

Condition: Used: Good

40p. plain green paper cover with pencil mark of author's name and a stamp; no marks in text; good overall; Pamphlet; offprint/reprint View more info